Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mix mud with steam and you get a concoction for wellness

Steam rises from the springs mineral baths making a hazy mist cover the grounds. Native Americans once frequented the mixture of cool and hot liquids which flowed from the Temescal Valley. For years, hundreds have flocked to these mineral and sulfurous waters that magically heal the sick and reverse the effects of time in the body. My body slowly sinks into the water. The heat, shocking at first, quickly makes my limbs go limp. My eyes close and I inhale.

Glen Ivy hot spring spa in Corona, Calif., takes relaxation to a higher level. Therapeutic mud baths rejuvenate the skin, making it glow with a healthy shine. With rooms outdoors in the wooden landscape, to grottos deep in underground caverns, there is a connection to nature that brings the body back to balance.

A recent Mayo Clinic study found that soaking in a hot bath can give a person many of the health benefits of exercising without the strain.

Hot water increases the heart rate while lowering blood pressure unlike exercise, which raises it. The heat also improves joint mobility, eliminates toxins in the body and improves sleep. The body has an overall positive response to heat, and with the combination of hot water with the bodies already internal thermal regulation, the benefits in mental and physical health is endless.

“I’m a single mom who has no time to really focus on me with my 7-year-old child and a full work schedule,” said Deanna Higgins of Alta Loma. “I went here for the first time over a year ago and now make it a routine stop.”

Higgins works full-time as a dental hygienist and volunteers frequently at her daughter’s school. The hot springs allows her to get away without missing anything in her family’s life. Because the spa is open from 7:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. she can get in a quick morning of rejuvenation and still pick up her daughter from school.

“The springs really bring me back to life, I am quick to neglect my own needs but I need to be in the best shape and health to take care of my home,” Higgins said.

As a college student I never really turned towards spas for relaxation or a way to heal my body. The aromatic smells waft through the different rooms, the atmosphere itself calm and still. Although the spa can get busy, it never feels overwhelming.

“I have noticed weekends get busy but it is the only time I can come, I still can get in a message and soak, that is all I need,” said Della Kuminkoski of Rancho Cucamonga.
Kuminkoski visits once a month with her daughter, both work full time and have found the spa to give them the energy back that they pour into the work week.

“ I am sure people ask, ‘how can a message really help you?’,” said Heather Kuminkoski. “ I tell them try it, and if you do not get your life back in order then I’ll pay you the difference. I have not spent a dime.”

I entered the spa early in the morning. The sun had just risen above the hills surrounding Corona, and my mind was teaming with projects and tasks to be completed at work. A few hours here and my mind is clear, and my body ready to tackle the week.

The spa offers more than just mud baths, saunas and massages: it is a central hub for numerous types of yoga, pilates and tai chi classes. The events create a balanced renewal from within and re-creates a healthy relationship with food and wellness. The spa does not only heal the body but it aids visitors in reconfiguring how to take care of themselves in all aspects of life.

“I used to be very active when I was younger but I have let life lead me for over a decade now, but I’m taking back the reigns,” Higgins said. “ Only I can take care of me, I’m just glad there is a local haven to relearn creative health and options.”

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  1. As long as you are healthy...i guess i should also stop by the springs!