Sunday, April 3, 2011

European lifestyles offer relaxation

Swishing in a circle the burgundy liquid sends a dry and smoky aroma wafting out of the distinguished glass. The soft chatter of evening conversation blends with the acoustic guitar’s melodies around the stretched granite counter. Though every inch of the enclosed space is teaming with connoisseurs, the mood is calm. The Wine Tailor in Rancho Cucamonga is a local safe haven known for tasting and relaxation.

Many individuals throughout the globe rate wine based off of its qualities and properties of composition. They follow the “five S” steps; see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor. But, for those like myself, wine is not only something that should be rated or practiced, but respected and used in enjoying everyday life.

Coming from a large European family, I have been surrounded by wine, or vino, since my early childhood. To me, it symbolizes reunion, something for celebration and communion within intimate circles. While in the states, many have come to view alcohol in general as a “release” something to liven up the occasion. In Europe, it is quite the opposite. Wine is a social drink, something the land prides over and hold with the highest regard. Wine to them is life.

The Wine Tailor captures the essence of European culture and winery. Warm rich colorings paint the walls and cherry wooden tables sit comfortably about the room. The south and east walls were converted into wine racks resembling an old cellar. Wine bottles from the winery itself as well as imports decorate the racks in deep earth toned hues.

“People often say that it is very comfortable when they visit us, I like that we can give that to the community,” said co-owner Angela Lineberger.

Lineberger is often seen taking customers on tours of the facilities fermenting rooms. The large stainless steel vessels can be seen through glass windows just behind the bar area. While next door, an aging room with dozens of wooden barrels sits nestled on custom racks containing the wineries house blends.

“Wine itself is very relaxing, it is something that has to be sipped and enjoyed, it helps us sit back and just breath,” said Lineberger.

For me, wine is about the experience and comfort I can get from adding it to anything; a good book, an outing with friend. or a nice dinner.

An elderly gentlemen sits in the leather chair just behind the guitarist contently reading a novel. Throughout the intimate venue, old friends converse by the bar while couples sip elegantly beside the fire. Unlike most bars, the Wine Tailor provides a relaxing atmosphere as oppose to loud clamor and music. It is a place to unwind after a long work day or have a peaceful weekend afternoon.

“I am a wine connoisseur and I love the atmosphere I can provide for others who enjoy the same as I do,” said bartender Shar Martin. “I enjoy being able to make people who come in here unhappy leave with a smile on their face.”

Martin whisks along the bar smiling in her wine decorated apron. As she entertains the five dollar tasting extravaganza, a list of the days featured wines from white to red on the chalk board act as a guide for the guests.

“I am a wine member here and the five dollar tastings is what really makes the outings so enjoyable,” said Mary Thomas of Upland. “ It is just the right amount of wine and it allows for new and exciting finds.”

There are thousands of different types, tastes, and colors of wine to discover. All one has to do is find a local winery and start your own adventure.

“Wine is a journey, once you find your blend it is time to find another.” said Lineberger. “Like a good book, it can take you back and away from your worries and struggles, it grounds the soul.”

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